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Team Bulls
Team Trek Pirelli


Big wheels and long-travel forks raise handlebars uncomfortably high. The innovative -20° drop SL-K stem tends to that issue, restoring weight distribution and handling balance. This tough stem is forged and CNC machined from aluminum and uses a wide, four-bolt faceplate to firmly clamp 31.8mm bars. With sizes ranging from 50mm to 120mm in length, this drop stem is your answer to taming the lofty front ends of 27.5” and 29"wheeled bikes.


  • Flat head stem with aggressive drop for 27, 5” and 29” wheels
  • 2D forged and CNC machined from AL2014
  • 4-bolt cold-forged alloy faceplate
  • Chromoly hardware
  • Ø31.8mm handlebar clamp diameter
  • 28mm fork clamp stack height
  • Anodized black
  • Color graphics - black
  • 162 grams (80mm)


代碼 類型
175-0028079010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 100mm -20° A0
175-0028080010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 110mm -20° A0
175-0028081010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 120mm -20° A0
175-0028074010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 50mm -20° A0
175-0028075010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 60mm -20° A0
175-0028076010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 70mm -20° A0
175-0028077010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 80mm -20° A0
175-0028078010 ST MTB SL-K alloy 90mm -20° A0


類型 龍頭
系列 SL-K
車種 登山車
材質 鋁合金
重量 162
長度 50; 60; 70; 80; 90; 100; 110; 120
角度 -20°