AFTERBURNER alloy riser handlebar





Afterburner is our flagship aluminium riser bar and represents state of the art alloy manufacturing. The raw 7050-T6 aluminium is drawn into tapered-butted tubes and finely controlled for the wall thickness to cope with the different riding demands. Finally, a shot-peened surface treatment extends the fatigue life of the bar. It’s available in three widths from an XC 630mm to an AM-friendly 740mm. All handlebars have a subtle 15mm of rise which is just enough to give a slightly more commanding riding position than a flat bar on the same bike.


  • Triple-butted, tapered and shot-peened AL7050/T6
  • Shot peened to relieve processing stress and prolongue fatigue life
  • 15mm rise
  • 9° back sweep, 4° up sweep
  • Sandblasted black with polished black anodized


代码 类型
180-00157 HB MTB AFTERBURNER riser alloy 15x740mm v15
180-0010068050 HB MTB AFTERBURNER riser alloy 15x760mm v15


类型 把手
颜色 中性色
车种 登山车
材质 铝合金
重量 270, 275 g