SL-K Drop 龙头





FSA SL-K Handlebars And -20° Angled Stem

Many professional riders use SL-K components in races throughout the world.

The new SL-K -20 Degree Stem is designed to meet the needs of the professional XC Mountain racers. Featuring a low 28mm stack height and -20 degrees of rise, the SL-K -20 degree stem allows for ultra-low cockpit set-ups.
The new SL-K stem weighs in at 141 grams for the 100mm length stem. The stem body is 3D forged and CNC machined with an alloy faceplate. The body is black anodized with two graphic color choices of Red or Black. The -20⁰ rise and short clamp stack height are great for riders looking to get low.

We've also created new SLK handlebars, with widths from 700 to 740mm. Full Speed Ahead's new bars use specific angles to make them easier to use with greater control. The bars have 10° of back sweep and 4° of upsweep and compliment the new stems perfectly.


大轮径和行程高的前叉提高把手到令人不舒服的高度。创新的 20 度下降 SL-K龙头,排除这个问题改变重量分布和操控的平衡。这是高强度的龙头使用铝合金锻造和CNC加工,下降的设计使用四螺丝的前盖牢固地夹紧 31.8 mm把手。长度规格由50 mm增长 10 mm直到120 mm,下降的设计是对29″和 27.5″ 较高轮径的自行车调低座舱位的唯一途径。


  • 向下20⁰
  • 锻造CNC加工
  • 铬钢五金部件
  • 阳极黑


代码 类型
175-0020079010 SL-K ST gray alloy 100mm -20°
175-0020080010 SL-K ST gray alloy 110mm -20°
175-0020081010 SL-K ST gray alloy 120mm -20°
175-0020074010 SL-K ST gray alloy 50mm -20°
175-0020075010 SL-K ST gray alloy 60mm -20°
175-0020076010 SL-K ST gray alloy 70mm -20°
175-0020077010 SL-K ST gray alloy 80mm -20°
175-0020078010 SL-K ST gray alloy 90mm -20°


类型 龙头
颜色 中性色
系列 SL-K
车种 公路车, 登山车
材质 铝合金
重量 162
角度 -20°