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The SL-K Riser Bar is the ultimate mix of a lightweight and strength, for a handlebar that is designed for all types of riding. Its CSI (Carbon Structural Integration) construction marries the best of both worlds of carbon and aluminum. The carbon helps keep the vibration to a minimum, while the aluminum core maintains a majority of the strength. The SL-K handlebar is XC weight matched with Enduro strength. With a solid 740mm width and 18mm rise, this bar will help with a perfect fit, great control, and peak performance for even the most demanding rider in mind.


  • UD carbon and AL6066 material
  • Carbon Structural Integration (CSI)
  • Textured stem clamp zone
  • 18mm rise
  • 9° back sweep, 4° up sweep
  • UD carbon finish
  • Color graphics - black


Code Type
180-0042087030 HB MTB SL-K riser carbon CSI 18x760mm A9


Type Handlebars
Technology CSI
Series SL-K
Discipline MTB
Material Alloy, carbon
Weight (gr) 230
Dimension 760
Shape Design Riser
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm