Powerbox Chainring


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Shifting performance has helped Full Speed Ahead to become a world leader for high-end chainrings. No one studies the design and manufacturing of each system, and each tooth, as carefully as we do. Our dedication shows in every revolution of the crank, and every perfect shift achieved. To meet or exceed the needs of any drivetrain, Full Speed Ahead has developed sophisticated design, testing and manufacturing protocols. This allows Full Speed Ahead to match your needs as perfectly as our chainrings match a chain. We offer more options, levels, and finishes than our competitors. We use the best materials available, imported from the USA, or Europe, or sourced from our qualified vendors in Asia, to guarantee the durability, performance, and appearance will out perform, and outlast the competition. Full Speed Ahead chainrings have powered multiple World, Tour de France, and Olympic champions, and will exceed your expectations.


  • Precision CNC machined AL7075/T6
  • Shifting ramps and stainless steel pins on outer rings
  • Black anodized
  • Laser etched logo
  • Compatible with FSA POWERBOX crankset


Code Type
371-0023005011 AA CR ROAD PBOX/SLK ABS 110x50T N11 WA399
371-0014002051 AAA CR ROAD K-FORCE/SL-K/PBOX ABS 4h 110x34T WB282
371-0012003050 CR K-FORCE & SL-K ABS 4H 36T
371-0011005051 CR K-FORCE & SL-K ABS 4H 39T
371-0022007012 CR RD PBOX 110x53T N11 for Alloy POWERBOX
371-0023005012 CR ROAD PBOX alloy ABS 110x50T N11 WA004
371-0024006012 CR ROAD PBOX alloy ABS 110x52T N11 WA009
371-0024006011 CR ROAD PBOX/SLK ABS 110x52T N11 WA400
371-0022007011 CR ROAD PBOX/SLK ABS 110x53T N11 WA401


Type Chainrings
Color Neutral
Discipline ROAD
Material Alloy
Compatibility Powerbox ABS, K-FORCE ABS, Powerbox ABS, SL-K ABS
Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) 110ABS
Crankset Type Double
Drivetrain Compatibility Shimano10/11S, Sram10/11S, Campa10S
Holes Number 4