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Andrew Taylor
Cole House
Conor Macfarlane
Keegan Wright
Mike Hopkins
Skye Schillhammer
Tahnee Seagrave
Taylor Shledon
Team Bulls
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FSA SL-K Handlebars And -20° Angled Stem

Many professional riders use SL-K components in races throughout the world.

The new SL-K -20 Degree Stem is designed to meet the needs of the professional XC Mountain racers. Featuring a low 28mm stack height and -20 degrees of rise, the SL-K -20 degree stem allows for ultra-low cockpit set-ups.
The new SL-K stem weighs in at 141 grams for the 100mm length stem. The stem body is 3D forged and CNC machined with an alloy faceplate. The body is black anodized with two graphic color choices of Red or Black. The -20⁰ rise and short clamp stack height are great for riders looking to get low.

We've also created new SLK handlebars, with widths from 700 to 740mm. Full Speed Ahead's new bars use specific angles to make them easier to use with greater control. The bars have 10° of back sweep and 4° of upsweep and compliment the new stems perfectly.


Questo attacco manubrio Non Series è in alluminio AL7075 / T73 forgiato in 2-D e lavorato a CNC. Presenta una testa piatta ed un drop consistente ed ideale per ruote da 27,5 "e 29". Con un'altezza del morsetto forcella di 34 mm, può variare da un minimo di 50 mm fino ad un massimo di 120 mm.


  • Testa piatta con un drop per telai da 27, 5 "e 29"
  • In AL7075 / T73 2D forgiato 2D e lavorato a CNC
  • Frontale in alluminio a 4 bulloni forgiati a freddo
  • Viteria Cr.Mo.
  • Grafica stampata


Codice Tipo
175-0016081050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 120mm -20°
175-0016079050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 100mm -20°
175-0016080050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 110mm -20°
175-0016075050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 60mm -20°
175-0016076050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 70mm -20°
175-0016077050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 80mm -20°
175-0016078050 NON SERIES MTB ST drop 90mm -20°


Tipo Attacchi manubrio
Colore Neutral
Disciplina MTB
Materiale Alluminio
Peso (gr) 190
Angolo -20°