Plateau VTT DH Pro

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FSA MTB Chainrings - Which One is Right For You?

Full Speed Ahead offer mountain bikers a range of chainring options, ensuring that we meet the needs of the rider, whatever the requirement. Here one of our engineers discusses everything you need to know about our chainrings including gearing and drivetrain compatibility.


Plateau à simple vitesse orienté pour application 1xDH ou DJ



Les références

Code Type
380-1032A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x32T (3mm) WB055
380-1034A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x34T (3mm)
380-1036A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x36T (3mm) WB168
380-1038A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x38T (3mm) WB169
380-1040A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x40T (3mm) WB170
380-1042A CR MTB DH PRO black 104x42T (3mm) WB171


Type Plateaux
Couleur Neutre
Discipline VTT
Compatibilité Standard