AFTERBURNER MTB modular chainring 1x


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A Look Inside FSA's Megatooth Technology

Our innovative Megatooth chainring has been developed to respond to the increasing demand 1/11 cranksets, designed to meet the needs of top level riders. The design allows the chainring to retain the chainring completely by itself. Find out more on our Megatooth technology in this video.


These direct mount chainrings coincide perfectly with the Afterurner Modular Crank. The megatooth design allows you to put all of your power through without worrying about dropping your chain. All sizes of these chainrings are steel and range from 26T – 38T.


  • Precision CNC machined AL7075/T6
  • Long tooth profile enhances chain retention
  • Thick Thin tooth design for maximum chain engagement


Code Type
380-0182025050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 28T WA106 V17
380-0183026050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 30T WA107 V17
380-0219027050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 32T WA108 V17
380-0218023050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 34T WA112 V17
380-0217024050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 36T WA114 V17
380-0216017050 CR MTB AFTERBURNER DM 1x 38T WA115 V17


Type Chainrings
Color Neutral
Discipline MTB
Compatibility AFTERBURNER modular