NS ICR Vorbau


* Notwendige Felder

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FSA&VISION CABLE ROUTING SYSTEMS: "Easy Cable Routing Solutions, for all Bike categories"

FSA is proud to present the new cable routing systems for Road, Gravel, Aero, and MTB bikes. This innovative patent-pending system is unique to FSA and VISION and is a combination of our knowledge bases in both headset and cockpit development and manufacturing, plus our history in aerodynamic development and design. The result is a clean, integrated, and aerodynamic cable routing solution for frame and bicycle brands.


  • Innenliegende Kabelfürung (ICR)
  • Low-Profile Frontbereich
  • Keine Einschränkung in der Drehbarkeit des Lenkers
  • 3D-geschmiedetes und CNC-gefrästes AL6061
  • Chromoly-Hardware
  • Spezieller Rahmen und Steuersatz benötigt
  • 31, 8 mm Lenkerklemmung
  • 45 mm Stapelhöhe am Gabelschaft
  • Kompatibel mit: KFX Flat ICR, KFX Riser ICR, K-Force Flat ICR, K-Force Riser ICR Lenkern
  • Gewicht: 210 g (50 mm); 230 g (70 mm)


Code Typ
175-0038094050 ST MTB NS ICR alloy 50mm -10° A0
175-0038033050 ST MTB NS ICR alloy 70mm -10° V18

Technische Daten

Typ Vorbauten
Technologie ICR
Farbe Neutral
Disziplinen MTB
Material Aluminium
Winkel -10°