GOSSAMER pro ABS BB386EVO crankset

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New FSA Gossamer BB386EVO Crankset

The Gossamer Pro ABS Crankset is the pinnacle of alloy crank technology and uses technology learnings from our K Force Light and SLK ABS cranksets.

Using lessons learned from the development of the K Force Light ABS crankset the Gossamer provides the optimum combination of stiffness and weight reduction to provide the best pedalling platform in an aluminium crankset.


Not ready for carbon? The Gossamer is a high-end crankset for lovers of alloy, and with an impressive history of wins on the brutal cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix, it needs no further explanation.Yet the details can’t be ignored. And not just because of its new smoothly integrated design. The cold-forged aluminum arms are heavily scalloped for the maximum strength to weight ratio, while the versatile BB368 spindle is forged from an even stronger alloy. The 30mm spindle is compatible with English Threaded, SMN Press Fit and BB30 bottom brackets with just a few simple spacers. The chainrings are CNC machined from still-tougher 7075 aluminum, and ramped and pinned for the most rapid, precise shifting. Finally, the chainring bolts are chromoly steel for exceptional strength. The Gossamer crank is an impressively lightweight 751g. Boosting stiffness further is our ABS system – Asymmetric Bolt Spacing. A fifth chainring bolt hidden behind the driveside crank arm delivers extra strength just where it’s needed to resist power strokes and keep shifting ultra-crisp. Available in four crank lengths and five gearing options, the Gossamer fits any combination of bike, rider and riding style like a glove


  • Cold forged AL6061/T6 aluminum crank arms
  • Forged AL7050 BB386EVO spindle
  • AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
  • Chromoly chainring bolts
  • Fits Shimano and SRAM 10-11 speed systems


Code Type
336-0068775011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 46x36 175
336-0068552011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 50x34 165
336-0068553011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 50x34 170
336-0068554011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 50x34 172.5
336-0068555011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 50x34 175
336-0068743011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 52x36 170
336-0068744011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 52x36 172.5
336-0068963011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 52x38 170
336-0068964011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 52x38 172.5
336-0068965011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 52x38 175
336-0068293011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 53x39 170
336-0068294011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 53x39 172.5
336-0068295011 GOSSAMER CK alloy BB386 53x39 175


Type Cranksets
Technology ABS, BB386EVO
Discipline ROAD
Weight 751
Bolt Circle Diameter 110ABS
Compatibility BB386
Crankset Type Double
Drivetrain Compatibility Shimano10/11S, Sram10/11S, Campa10S
Holes Number 4
Material Alloy